Morgan Arabia Trading Company is committed to providing the best possible product and services at the most competitive price including for those corporate and institutional buyers who want large quantities of products. We have the resources and manpower to handle bulk orders efficiently and help our customers plan and prepare for such orders.

terms and conditions

Here are some policy guidelines for volume orders:


The customers who place volume orders will be provided with a discount off the regular price. The percentage of discount will be determined on a case-to-case basis and will depend upon various factors like item availability, customer demand, and cost. The prices of all items are clearly mentioned in our store.

We are of the established opinion that providing low prices to our customers is key to maintaining their loyalty.

Lead Time

We will require some lead time to process the volume orders. This is important to meet the needs of customers and complete their orders on time. Our team will provide you with all information regarding lead time so that you can plan and prepare accordingly.

Payment and Shipping

For volume orders, we accept payment via multiple channels including credit cards and others. The payment must be paid in full before processing the orders. The shipping fee will be determined by the size and destination and customers will be responsible for all shipping charges including charges incurred on international shipping like customs or import duties.

How to Enjoy this Opportunity and Save your Buck?

Morgan Arabia Trading Company understands very well the importance of saving money.

  • Please contact our sale representative at +966114348700 or email us at info@morganit.sa for further information.
  • If you are looking for Big Deals, contact our sales reps and answer a few simple questions and you will have our volume orders discount.

Additional Services

Credit Terms on Web Orders: The pre-qualified customers can specify the net day terms while placing the orders.

Custom Invoicing: We offer the services of creating and sending invoices that are tailored to the needs of the customers for accounting or record-keeping purposes. Customers are able to add part numbers, reference numbers, or any specific codes they want to make part of invoices for streaming purchasing and accounting procedures.

Purchase Reporting: Our customers can have purchasing reporting services as well detailing the past purchasing. This can help them gain invaluable insights into their purchasing patterns and trends and thus can identify opportunities to optimize their purchasing strategies.

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